Many people either love or hate doing burpees. Some people feel pressured to do them, while others try to find alternative exercises.

However, burpees are a simple but effective way to burn fat and are more challenging than other exercises.

To lose fat while doing burpees, it’s important to do them with the correct form. Burpees are an intense exercise that works the whole body, helps increase blood flow, and burns many calories.

Doing several burpees in a row is a very effective way to train many muscles at once like:

  1. Shoulder
  2. Chest
  3. Triceps
  4. Butt
  5. Inner thigh
  6. Quads

Burpees are a great exercise that can help you build muscles, get stronger, and increase your endurance. They can also make your heart beat faster, which helps you burn more calories.

Keep reading to discover the advantages of burpees, Variations of burpees, safety precautions, and additional information.

Benefits of Burpees

Build you Stronger

Make you stronger - Benefits of burpees

Burpees are a type of exercise that helps to make your whole body stronger. They work on different parts of your body including your shoulders, chest, triceps, buttocks, inner thighs, and quadriceps. By doing burpees, you can build multiple muscles and improve your overall fitness.

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Promote Cardiovascular Health

Healthy heart - Benefits of burpees

High-intensity training such as burpees is great for your heart and lungs. Even doing just a few reps can get your heart rate up high. Burpees are a fast and simple way to help keep your heart and lungs healthy for a short time, which can benefit your overall cardiovascular system.

Burns Calories Like Machine

Burns calories - Benefits of burpees

Burpees have many benefits because they work for six or more muscles at the same time and can burn calories quickly. When you do a high-intensity workout like burpees, your body uses more muscles to complete each movement, which burns more calories and can help you lose weight.

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No Equipment Needed

No equipment needed - Benefits of burpees

The good thing about burpees is that you don’t need any equipment. Even a basic burpee can be very tough without any equipment. You can do burpees almost anywhere, like on a rooftop, in a park, or at a gym.

How to do Burpees Exercise?

Benefits of burpees

Burpee is an exercise that has different parts. You can do it by following these steps:

  1. First, stand with your feet apart, and keep your arms down by your sides.
  2. Next, bend down and put your hands on the floor, so they are parallel to your legs.
  3. Then, move your legs back behind you, so you are in a plank position, with your body weight on your hands and toes.
  4. Do one push-up.
  5. After that, jump back onto your feet like you are doing squats.
  6. Quickly jump up and raise your arms over your head.
  7. Finally, land back where you started.

You can repeat these movements about 12 times and do four sets to complete your exercise routine.

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Variations of burpees

There are different types of burpees that are exciting, engaging, and make you sweat a lot. You can also try other exercises that are just as effective.

1. Pushup burpee

One type of burpee starts and finishes like a regular burpee, but in the middle, when you’re in a plank position, you do a pushup before going back to the starting position.

2. Side burpee

  1. To begin, stand with your feet apart, about the same width as your hips.
  2. Next, jump backward with your feet so that you are in a straight line, with your body in a plank position. Then, lower your body until it touches the ground.
  3. After that, quickly move both of your legs in a diagonal direction towards the right. Following this, bring both legs inward towards your body, so that you are in a squatting position.
  4. Finally, jump straight up while lifting your hands overhead.

3. Box Jump Burpee

To do another type of burpee, follow all the steps of a regular burpee, but instead of jumping in the air, hop onto a box in front of you. Then, step down from the box and go back to the starting position.

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4. Mountain climber + Tuck jump burpee

To make this exercise more challenging, add mountain climbers to regular burpees. When you reach the plank position, quickly bring one knee close to your chest while keeping the other one extended, and then switch legs for a total of four times. Once you’ve done the mountain climber, jump up and raise your hands in the air before returning to the starting position.

5. Superman burpee

To do a Superman burpee, perform a regular burpee but instead of a plank and push-up, lay down on your chest and extend your hands straight in front of your shoulders.

These variations are excellent for burning fat and building muscles and strength.

But, if you don’t like burpees or their alternatives, you can try other high-intensity exercises like mountain climbers, jumping jacks, planks, and more.

Safety and Precaution – Benefits of Burpees

To get the most out of burpees and prevent injuries, it’s crucial to do them with proper form.

  • Take it slow and start with just a few reps, if you don’t want to do the jumping part skip it. Don’t worry about how many you do, and focus on doing each one accurately to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Remember to engage your core and hips throughout every part of the movement, especially during the plank and pushup sections.
  • Start by doing 8-10 reps, or fewer if you need to, then take a 30-second break before doing another set.

Common Mistake to avoid while doing the burpees 

  1. Not doing Warm-up/ stretching
  2. Directly go with an advanced variation
  3. Not learning the proper form
  4. Land on heels
  5. Poor arm landing
  6. Performing with low intensity or performing with advanced intensity

Summary – Benefits of Burpees

Burpees are a type of exercise that can help improve your health in many ways. They are easy to do and can be done anywhere, like your home, terrace, park, or gym, without needing a gym membership.

Before trying more advanced burpee exercises, it’s important to first learn the basics.

Burpees have many great benefits for your body, including building strength, boosting stamina, and improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Once you start doing burpees regularly, you’ll start to see the benefits.

However, if you have back pain or neck pain, don’t do it and take rest.

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