how to do burpees


People love doing burpees, but most don’t. I have seen people doing them with pressure, trying to find alternatives, or doing them in an idle state. Burpees are a no-brainer yet the most effective and challenging activity compared to other fat-burning exercises. Doing burpees with proper form is the key to fat loss. There is no doubt that burpees are an effective, high-intensity full-body exercise that increases blood circulation and cuts down multiple calories. Performing several burpees in one go is the most powerful way to train multiple muscles. Shoulder Chest Triceps Butt Inner thigh Quads Burpees help build muscles, strength, and endurance, while also spiking your heart rate to burn more calories. Benefits of Burpees Build you Stronger Burpees are a total body workout that works on the shoulders, chest, triceps, butt, inner thighs, and quads. This one exercise builds multiple muscles, making you stronger. Read More: V Cut…

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