Well, it is never too late to work for your dream physique. Although, the area abdomen or midsection will take much time, effort, and dedication.

Exercises for building a hot shredded core are many, but plank and its variations are one of the safest exercises you can do for building the core.

For people who are kept busy, or who have a desk job, a plank is the finest exercise for building and strengthening core muscles. Doing plank exercises is challenging and fun besides this plank has many benefits like helping burn belly fat, improving posture, improving flexibility, fixing your posture, or strengthening your core.

Planks works for various groups of muscles:

  • Upper body – Chest muscle, deltoid, biceps, triceps
  • Lower body – Quad, buttocks
  • Core Muscles – Transverse abdominal muscles, rectus abdominals, obliques

Advantages of strong core

  • Improved mobility & coordination
  • Improved posture
  • Helps you run faster
  • Strengthen lower back

A strong core limits the injuries within the hip joints, spine, and knees. And also strengthen the lower back which helps prevent injuries and promotes delicate body posture.

5 Minute plank workout By fitness scenz 1
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Let’s get started,

1. High Plank – 5 Minute Plank Exercise

5 Minute Plank Workout
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  • Start doing this exercise in the push-up position, make sure your feet align with your shoulders and your wrist align under the shoulder.
  • Keep on hold within your butt, core, and quad to avoid hurting your back.
  • Keep your wrist and toes tucked and your hand straight.
  • Hold on to this position for about 30 seconds.

A high plank is great for improving posture, high plank strengthens your back, core, shoulder, and legs.

High plank enhanced stability and helps build a rigid posture.

2. Forearm Side Plank – 5 Minute Plank Workout

Girl doing forearm side plank - 5 Minute Plank Workout
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  • Start this by lying down on your left side with your right foot directly on your left foot.
  • Place your elbow under the shoulder and forearm on the floor (making a 90o angle).
  • Keep your core engaged and neck aligned.
  • Raise your hips until your body is aligned straight from head to feet.
  • Make sure your body is in a straight line.
  • Hold onto this position without letting your hips rise or drop until the time you planned to do it.
  • Repeat this exercise on your different side.

Forearm side plank is an amazing core-building exercise that especially works on obliques, and also strengthens the shoulder and upper back.

The forearm side plank builds a strong core and makes the waistline stiff.

3. Plank Up-Down – Five Minute Plank Exercise

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  • Start this in a high plank position, your wrist is aligned to the shoulder and your shoulder is aligned hip-width apart.
  • Now, bend your left arm and place your left elbow on the floor and simultaneously bend your right arm and place your right elbow on the floor. You’re now in a plank position.
  • After this, place your left arm on the floor and also do it with your right arm accordingly. You’re now in a high plank position
  • Switching to both sides is one repetition.

The plank up and down helps tone the core, glutes, shoulder, and arms. Plank up-down supports weight loss, enhances posture, and helps stiff your midsection area.

4. Plank Shoulder Tap – Five Minute Plank Workout

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  • Start this exercise in the high plank position with your hands aligned to the shoulder and your shoulder aligned hip-width apart.
  • Keep hold of your core and hips.
  • Tap your left hand to the right side of your shoulder. Make sure to balance and keep your body straight.
  • Again, do the same with your right hand.
  • Taping both sides of your shoulder is counted as one repetition.

The shoulder tap is great for building the core, glutes, shoulders, and arms. This exercise improved stability and improved core muscle strength.


Daily work on your core is always a great way to enhance your entire body’s strength and stability. A strong core boosts your athletic performance and reduces the chance of serious injury, reduces lower back pain, and develops good posture.

These four plank variations can build up a strong core. This 5 minute plank exercise can make a difference in you. Planks are exercises that required no equipment or can be done anywhere.

Consult a physician before doing a plank or any kind of physical activity.

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