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A strong V-shaped back and a straight posture are something that enhances self-esteem, and confidence, and will appear slimmer. This article will cover the most considerable back workout for bigger back.

The back is the large muscle part of our body including the upper and lower back, upper and lower traps, rear delts, and much of smaller muscles like teres minor and teres major.

The back is the largest muscle area of our body and to build a strong back it takes dedication toward healthy eating and an exceptional back workout pattern that will encourage back muscle mass.

This article helps you a lot to build a strong, wide and thicker back.

Benefits of Strong Back – Back Workout for Bigger Back

6 Best Back Workouts for Bigger Back

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Deadlift
  3. Lat pull down
  4. One-arm dumbbell row
  5. T-bar row
  6. Bent over row

1. Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are the perfect back workout for bigger back. Pull-ups are a compound exercise that trains multiple big and small muscles simultaneously, mainly the lats and biceps.

Pull-ups are ideal workouts for attaining a V-shaped physique.

How to do

  1. Grip the pull-up bar slightly wider than shoulder width.
  2. Stiffen your shoulder blades
  3. Inhale and pull your body weight by giving strain to your shoulder blades
  4. Pull until your chin touches the bar
  5. Pause and release to the starting position

Note: To perform pull-ups with better form try to lift your chest and make an arch in your back this posture will make it easier to perform pull-ups.

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2. Deadlift

A deadlift is another best exercise for building a strong back. It involves multiple muscles including the back, legs, shoulder and arms. A deadlift is a killer exercise that also strengthens the spine and prevents long-term back injury.

The deadlift is a compound exercise which is beneficial for strengthening the overall body.

How to do

  1. Place your legs hip-width apart and grip the barbell shoulder-width apart
  2. Make sure your chest is out, your shoulder retracted and your lower back tight
  3. Contract your glutes, shoulder, and abs area while lifting the barbell
  4. Lift the barbell to the thigh level and return to the starting position.

Note: Tightening your glutes, shoulder and abs area will make it easier to lift the bar and this will develop them.

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3. Lat Pull Down

Back workout for bigger back - Lat pull down

A good exercise for developing lats. Performing lat pull-down with heavier weight in a controlled way will maximize muscle gain. This exercise targets the shoulder and back muscles. Lat pull-down exercise is known for developing upper-body strength.

How do to

  1. Grab the lat pull-bar shoulder width apart. Make sure your chest is out and retract your shoulder blades
  2. Pull the bar toward your chest and contract your shoulder blades
  3. Release but do not lock your elbows and do not completely release the bar.

Note: While performing lat pull down make sure to feel the contraction while pulling the bar toward the chest this will make sure that the proper range of motion is applied.

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4. One-Arm Dumbbell Row – Back Workout for Bigger Back

Another exercise that requires a full range of motion. One arm dumbbell row is another great back workout for bigger back. This compound exercise targets mainly the upper and lower back, shoulder, and biceps, and also strengthen core stability.

How to do

  1. Take the flat bench and dumbbell for lifting, and place one knee on the bench and another on the ground. Slightly bend forward and place your hand on the bench to stabilize your body.
  2. Make sure to chest out, back straight and core is tight
  3. Begin with the dumbbell, lifting the weight towards your torso and make sure to keep your elbow close to the body.

Note: A right contract and stretch of muscle will do the work do not over-stretch your elbow or do not over-release it.

5. T-Bar Row – Back Workout for Bigger Back

T-bar rowing is another exercise for a bigger thicker and stronger back. T-bar rowing helps develop the thickness of lats. This exercise is also optimal for strengthening the upper and lower back. Whether it is dumbbell row or barbell row, rowing exercises are always great for developing particular muscles.

How to do

  1. Use a T-bar and stand over it with a wide stance with feet and bent your back into the bent-over position
  2. Keep your spine straight, and engage your core tightly
  3. Breathe in and pull the bar the close and tight as you can to the chest
  4. While keeping down the bar make sure to release the bar slowly for better contraction

Note: Accuracy with the exercise matter the most make sure to keep the core tight, spine straight and slightly arch on your back this position will let you do more with better form.

6. Bent Over Row

Bent over row is a compound exercise that works on the lats, shoulder, abs, and biceps. Bent over row is considered the best back muscles building exercise. This exercise mainly builds and strengthens the upper body.

How to do

  1. Place your hand and feet shoulder-width apart and lean forward and make a 65-degree angle.
  2. Retract your shoulder blade and neutral your spine
  3. Pull the bar toward the belly button
  4. Feels contraction in lats and slowly release the to starting position

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