A fun activity like jogging, dancing, cycling, swimming is the activity that can do so joyfully and vigorously.

And so is jumping rope; jumping rope is the type of exercise that is considered easy, convenient, and mighty in improving health and losing weight.

Jumping rope is a part of cardiovascular activity like cardio and aerobic exercise and does not need any equipment but just an ordinary rope.

Hopping rope is the top form of cardio that can burn around ten calories in a minute.

Weight loss benefits of jumping rope

  1. Excellent in losing weight
  2. Build endurance
  3. Shed overall fat from top to bottom
  4. Better lungs capacity
  5. Build calves
  6. Strengthen core

Health benefits of jumping rope

  1. Improve heart health
  2. Improve mental health
  3. Build stronger bones
  4. Protect you from fatigue
  5. Improve coordination/balance

Boosting up the metabolism is the only way to burn maximum calories and shed fat. So to boost metabolism, you need to consume a balanced diet and be consistent with your workout sessions.

How jumping rope help in weight loss?

Solely jumping rope is not going to help for weight loss.

But to lose weight fast, you should habitual of these three factors

  1. Extremely balanced diet
  2. Daily workout sessions (included jumping rope)

Consume a balanced diet – Eating the right food is the most crucial step for achieving weight loss. Try adding green tea, black coffee, honey lemon water to boost up the metabolism.

Consistent workout – Working out is the only way to shed more fat and calories. Sessions like jumping rope, swimming, cycling are the most effective way to burn fat.

Benefits of jumping rope related to general health and weight loss

1. Burn belly fat

Girl doing Russian twist

HIIT activities like jump rope can be reduced belly fat faster and strengthens the area like the core and obliques. Also, a workout like HIIT needed multiple muscles to perform an exercise, which also produces more heat from the body and the thermogenesis state produces, by which the body burns a maximum of calories.

15 min of intense rope jumping can burn up to 280-300 calories quickly, which burn more than any cardio workout.

Regular HIIE like jumping rope can improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness; also, it can substitute abdominal fat faster.1

Daily science has conducted a study and found that one can burn around 1300 calories by jumping rope per hour if done at strenuous.2

Ten minutes of jumping rope can equivalent to eight-mile of running.

2. Improve Endurance

Man running in morning

Jump rope regularly can help to improve endurance. A session like aerobic and anaerobic builds more stamina by passing the oxygen through the lungs.

Most athletes and sportsperson are doing this activity to increase their endurance.

Try to jump rope for about 10-15 min a day to help yourself better stamina level.

Aerobic activities like jumping rope can be exhausted initially, but jumping rope can improve endurance and strength over time.

3. Improve flexibility – Benefits of Jumping Rope

girl stretching in home

Jumping rope can make your body more flexible and adaptable, significantly to lower legs, feet, and ankles; jumping rope can avoids ankle and foot injury.

Also, jumping ropes promotes considerable relaxation to the muscles. That is why most athletes start their workout with HIIT workout like jump rope, running.

Skipping rope can raise flexibility by consolidating upper and lower body movements.

4. Improve cardiovascular health

Heart health

While doing a cardiovascular workout, our heart rate goes up, and lungs give more oxygen to the bloodstream, which is responsible for

  1. Protect from heart disease and heart stroke
  2. Remove bad cholesterol

A European Journal of Applied Physiology in 2018 has found that girls who jump rope for 12 weeks have reduced cardiovascular disease. Also found at the end of the study, girls who jumped have reduced fat on the abdomen area and have a better pulse rate, which directly contributes to heart health.3

A Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology has published a study on 24 Dec 2019, college mates between 18 to 25 of age have found jump rope for 12 weeks has improved their Vo2 max most efficiently than those who followed their causal workout routine.4

Jump rope additionally provides valuable strength to the heart.

Aerobic activity like jump rope is powerful than most workouts; it can boost the heart rate quickly and keep the heart healthy for longer also keep away several illnesses.

5. Inexpensive/accessible

Surprisingly, jumping rope is way more inexpensive and also a weight loss biggest equipment which can be carried in gym bag.

Also an accessible equipment that can be done anywhere like in gym, home terrace, or parks.

Skipping rope makes the weight loss goal most straightforward.

6. Improves coordination

Jumping rope can control or improve the motion of your body. Also, jumping rope boosts your stamina along with coordination.

While doing jumping rope, several body parts work simultaneously to make one movement.

A study in Dec 2015 related to jumping rope in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine has observed that young soccer players who perform jump rope (JR) help improve motor coordination and balance over eight weeks.5

A 2017 study issued in the Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology found that jump rope can improve motor coordination in autistic disorder children, who strive with balance and coordination.6

To improve the coordination of your body, try to do different-different variations.

7. Strengthens bone density – Benefits of Jumping Rope


Jumping rope is also associated with more muscular bone density.

More muscular bone density reduces the trouble of osteoporosis which mainly sees in girls and women.

Approximately one or two women with the age of 50 have shown osteoporosis.7

Public Library of Science has issued a study in Dec 2017 and proposed that girls aged 11-13 engaged with weekly jump roping had improved bone density.8

The Korean Society for Bone and Mineral Research suggests that 10 minutes of jumping rope can help improve bone strength.9


These are the topmost benefits of jumping rope including weight loss, improve heart health, improve coordination and so on.

Keep done these kind of HIIT workout benefits you in long way of your life by strengthening bone density, improves endurance/stamina, improve flexibility.

Things to do in order to achieve the weight loss fast

  1. Try to do 3 times HIIT workout in a week
  2. Do cardiovascular activity 2 times a day
  3. Keep eye on what you eat
  4. Cut down the refined carb, processed foods
  5. High consumption of protein, carbs and healthy fat
  6. Stay positive

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