It’s not a lie if I would say, adding strength training to your routine or lifting weight 

regularly can lead you to countless advantages.

Needless to say, but weight lifting is more suitable for toned muscles and muscular too.

They were lifting a weight, not going to bulk you at all, especially for females, who have been very conscious and keep believing on old fashion myths. Females do not get bulk or huge because they do not have the testosterone levels to build muscles. Lifting weight can make them stronger and help in weight loss.

While there are countless advantages of weight training/ lifting weight, I should mention a few of them like

  1. Cut down body fat
  2. Boost metabolism
  3. Maintain healthy weight
  4. Improve strength
  5. Protect from injury
  6. Prevent chronic disease
  7. Lower inflammation
  8. Improve bone density
  9. Improve posture
  10. Build self-esteem

Like these, there are significant positive aspects of weight training regularly.

How to Achieve Weight Loss & Muscle Gain by Weight Training?

The answer is quite simple in terms of explaining but a little complicated when applying to real life.

You lose weight or gain muscles by lifting weights, but you will reap all the considerable advantages of lifting weight.

Lifting weight consistently following the proper diet can eventually help you up by toned your body, burn more calories, and losing more body fat.

“To gain muscles, you have to give proper burn to that specific muscles till the exhaustion to gain more muscles.”

Also proper nutrition also demands a stand for building muscles and the fat reduction. “

Let’s get started,

The Weight Training Benefits for Fat Cutting & Muscle Building

1. Lifting Weight – Burn More Calories

Lady doing cycling

Weight lifting can help build lean body mass and boost the metabolic system, which assists in burn a lot of excessive fat throughout the day. Because “muscles tissue help burning in more fat than a fat tissue ever does.”

A study in 2017 in obesity, found that a group of an adult who’s been following the low-calorie diet plan and does the strength training burn more fat and maintained more muscles than a group who just engaged with a low-calorie diet and cardio.

When losing weight, but just by aerobic training, your body has lost some weight from fat (obv), muscles, and wrong bones.

Lower body fat also lower the cause of many diseases like

  1. Cancer
  2. Cardiovascular disease
  3. Bad cholesterol
  4. Diabetes
  5. High blood pressure

Indeed, lifting weight is essential for burn more calories and build more muscles.

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2. Improved Heart Health

Healthy heart

Weight training is one of the most significant benefits of lowering the chances of heart disease.

Likewise, aerobic or anaerobic sessions help prevent most cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, heart stroke, heart failure, and more.

Lifting weight regularly also keeps cardiovascular diseases away and for the long term.

A university study found that 45-50 minutes of moderate workout can help to lower the blood pressure by 20 percent or more.

Lifting weight can attract a healthy heart and also add good years to your life span.

3. Strengthen Bones

Muscular body

No side talk for cardio, but lifting weight help protect bones and also can prevent an osteoporosis-related problem.

The osteoporosis-related problem happens when bones become too fragile and can be fractured even with minor stress over bones. Strength training gives strength to bone health, and strength training maintains bone density by targeting the spine, hips, and wrist bone which are most likely to get fractured.

study shows that a group of postmenopausal women add strength training for over a while has found that it increases their bone density, mainly in the area of the spine & hip.1

Doing proper weight lifting which builds muscles efficiently and can help prevent fractures.

4. Boost testosterone level in men

Weight training is the key to increasing the levels of testosterone. When doing weight lifting, you tend to develop muscle mass; that’s when the body produces testosterone.

A study in 1983 shows that men who have done weight lifting have found significant increases in their testosterone while there are no changes in women who have done weight lifting training.2

Best exercises for increasing testosterone

  1. HIIT
  2. Squats, pull-ups, push-ups 
  3. Resistance training

5. Reduce Injury Risk – Weight Training Benefits

A proper workout of weight training is the only solution to any joint injury. Muscles are the sole contributor to all the movement, stability, balance, and coordination of your body.

Keep your muscles more robust and muscular to help prevent joint injuries and more.

When you do a strength workout, your body continuously improves your muscles’ strength and keeps you away from unexpected injuries. Strong muscles promise to keep you injury-free.

Still, it’s necessary to do an exercise with a proper form. Incorrect forms of exercise can lead you to serious injury.

6. Develop physical health 

Weight training regularly helps to build muscle mass. Also, along with weight training, strength training helps improve balance, posture, and coordination.  

A study shows a regular home exercise can improve balance and lower the risk of falling in older people with a high risk of falling.3 

7. Build confidence

No doubt, lifting heavy weight increases muscle mass.

By viewing your fitness, you would be self-confident, and also lifting weight helps improve mood, lower anxiety and depression, help better sleep, and double happiness.

8. Manage good body weight

Weight lifting or strength training help you to stay fit by minimizing the fat percentage and boost the metabolism to burn more calories.

A word from Fitness Scenz

Women lift weights

There are ample benefits of weight training, from muscle building to weight loss, preventing heart disease from strengthening bones. Try to actively perform physical activity daily to reap the maximum benefits of weight lifting.

Women were thinking if they are going to bulk up from strength training. Reduced-fat makes you slimmer because muscle takes a small place to exist than fat.

For people suffering from diabetes or heart disease or more than 40 years who have not indulged in exercising lately, keep yourself ensured with your doctor when you step out for weight training.

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