It’s not a lie if I would say, adding strength training to your routine or lifting weights regularly can lead you to countless benefits.

While there are many benefits of weight training, below are some of them:

  1. Cut down body fat
  2. Boost metabolism
  3. Maintain healthy weight
  4. Improve strength
  5. Protect from injury
  6. Prevent chronic disease
  7. Lower inflammation
  8. Improve bone density
  9. Improve posture
  10. Build self-esteem

Needless to say, weight lifting is a necessity for toned and muscular muscles.

Lifting heavy weights won’t bulk you up, especially for females who are very concerned about this issue and have been believing on old fashion myths. Females don’t get bulky or huge because they have a different hormone profile than men.

Women will not bulk by lifting heavy weights as their hormone is different than man and these hormones build their body toned but not bulky.

How to Achieve Weight Loss & Muscle Gain through Weight Training?

The answer to this question is quite simple, but when applied in real life it can be a little complicated.

Regular weight training and a good diet will help you get toned, burn more calories and lose more fat.

To build muscles, you’ll need to push yourself hard with that specific muscle group until you get fatigued, this will lead to increased muscle growth.

Having a proper diet is also key to building muscle and shedding fat.

Let’s get started,

The Benefits of Weight Training for Fat Cutting & Muscle Building

1. Lifting Weight

One of the primary benefits of Weight training is weight training can help you build lean body mass and burn off more calories. One important way this happens is through increased metabolism. When you build muscle, your body’s metabolism increases so that you’re burning off more of the excess calories you consume on a daily basis.1

A study in 2017 found that a group of adults who followed a low-calorie diet plan and engaged in strength training burned more fat and maintained more muscle than a group who followed a low-calorie diet plan and did cardio.

Note, Cardio alone will help you lose fat, but it leads to muscle loss for many people.

Benefits of weight lifting - Lifting weights

Lower body fat also lowers the risk of many health conditions like

  1. Cancer
  2. Cardiovascular disease
  3. Obesity
  4. Bad cholesterol
  5. Diabetes
  6. High blood pressure

lifting weights can help you lose fat and build muscle. It’s also perfect for both men and women

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2. Improved Heart Health

Benefits of weight lifting - Healthy heart

One of the major health benefits of Weight training is lowering the chances of heart-associated disease.

Likewise, aerobic or anaerobic sessions help prevent most cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, heart stroke, heart failure, and more.

Exercising often, which can include weight lifting, reduces the chance of cardiovascular diseases in the long term.

A university study found that 45-50 minutes of moderate workout can help to lower blood pressure by 20 percent or more.

Also, studies show that lifting weights and doing other forms of resistance/compound training can do a lot for your heart health. It will also likely add years to your life.

3. Strengthen Bones

Benefits of weight lifting - Muscular body

Lifting weights is important in protecting your bones and preventing osteoporosis-related problems.

Osteoporosis is a common problem in the elderly that can lead to general pain, plaque, and other issues. Strength training strengthens bone health and maintains bone density by targeting the spine, hips, and wrist, which are most likely to get fractured.

A study has found that women who combined regular weight lifting with a healthy diet experience an increase in bone density, notably in the spine and hip.1

Doing proper weightlifting, which builds muscles and bone density efficiently and can help prevent fractures.

4. Build confidence – Benefits of Weight Training

Benefits of weight lifting - Confidence

No doubt, heavy lifting will increase muscle mass.

By viewing your fitness, you would be self-confident, and also lifting weights helps improve moods, lower anxiety & depression levels and help with better sleep which in turn will double the amount of happiness you experience.

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5. Boost testosterone levels in men

The benefit of Weight training for men is weight lifting is key to boosting your natural testosterone levels. When you strength train, you’ll generally develop more muscle mass; when this happens, your body will produce more testosterone

A study in 1983 showed that men who had done weight-lifting activities saw a significant surge of testosterone while there was no rise in testosterone levels for women who have done the same.2

The best exercises for boosting testosterone

  1. Circuit Training
  2. Compound Exercises
  3. Resistance training

6. Reduce Injury Risk

Weight training is a form of exercise that can restore function to injured joints. It strengthens muscles and enhances the balance, coordination, and mobility needed for everyday life.

Strength training keeps your muscles more robust and muscular to help prevent joint injuries.

When you do a strength workout, your body strengthens your muscles and minimizes the risk of injury. Strong muscles will give you continuing protection against injury.

Still, it’s necessary to do an exercise with proper form. Incorrect forms of exercise can lead to injury.

7. Develop physical health 

Weight training regularly helps build muscle mass. Along with weight training, strength training helps improve balance, posture, and coordination.

A study shows that if you do a home exercise routine regularly, it’s easier to stay balanced and less likely to fall especially for older people.3

8. Manage good body weight

Strength training is one of the best ways to lose weight and manage your metabolism and also boosts the speed with which your body burns calories.

A word from Fitness Scenz

There are many benefits of weight training for both men and women, from muscle growth to losing weight from preventing heart disease to strengthening bones. Actively performing daily physical activity is important in order to live a healthy lifestyle for a long time.

Certain people with diseases such as diabetes or heart disease should always consult their doctors before exercising and make sure they are in good health.

Thank You


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