Weight loss is impossible for me! I don’t have enough motivation to follow this diet! My weight loss diet isn’t working for me. These types of questions you often said to yourself.

But let me tell you a fact! Losing weight is a long-term process, which needs a considerable approach and time (obviously). You might follow a good diet pattern according to your BMI. But there are a ton of factor that plays a vital role in the order to lose weight like environment, genetics, sleep pattern, workout duration, and among all.

Let’s get move further and find out what would be the reason your dieting isn’t working.

Weight loss diet

1. You’re not Tracking your Food Intake – Weight Loss Diet

Awareness of your daily calories intake can be much helpful. Eating accordingly to your BMI can help you lose weight.

People who are in process of losing weight but they certainly can’t, are because they are not tracking their food consumption.

Study shows that self-monitoring of your diet could be the prominent way to lose weight.1

There are lots of free and paid apps that can help you with food monitoring for weight loss.

2. You’re Eating Fewer or Too Many Calories – Weight Loss Diet

The reason behind not losing weight is improper eating habits, the most significant way to lose weight is to be in a calorie deficit.

Calorie Deficit: The process of eating fewer calories than you burn.

A long-time myth, it is believed that in order to lose 0.45KG of fat loss in a week, you just need to consume less than 3500 calories. But in recent studies, it is shown that amount of calories intake varies from person to person.2

While a person eating fewer calories than they should be eating, results in weaknesses & significant muscle loss. A study has shown that a low-calorie diet can lead to muscle loss and slow down the metabolic rate.3

Knowing the best food for weight loss and the difference between good or bad carbs can be actually helping with losing pounds.

3. Neglating Protein – Best Way to Loss Weight

Protein is the most important nutrient while losing weight. There are plenty of protein-rich foods that you may not be aware of.

Eating protein-rich food for breakfast can help you with weight loss. Studies show that having a high protein breakfast can promote less hunger & craving throughout the day.4

Also, a high protein diet can help you in several ways like

A high protein diet results in a faster metabolic rate which causes great weight loss and also helps maintain weight.5

4. Lack of Sleep

A proper 8-9 hours of sleep is essential when working out or following a weight loss diet.

Less sleep causes weight gain, stress, fatigue. Even if your diet pattern is good.6

Try not to use your mobile at bedtime and start reading a book.

5. Intense Workout

Your working out intensely may hamper your weight loss

Try not to do high-intensity exercise and do instead more cardio and moderate workouts.

Cardio along with moderate exercise can lift up your metabolism and help you with losing weight.

6. You’re doing Less Cardio

An activity like aerobic or cardio is also known as cardiovascular activity. These types of exercises help accelerate heart rate which occurs weight loss.

An activity like cycling, swimming, jogging is also known as cardiovascular activity.

If you are wanting to lose weight faster try to engage with cardiovascular activities which are exciting, easy, and one can be done anywhere.

Jump to the right blog which is about cardiovascular activities.

7. You’re Consuming Less Water

Drinking water is the best way to minimize calorie intake.

Drinking water half an hour before having a meal is the most prominent way to reduce calorie intake and it also might help you burn calories.

A 12-week weight loss study shows that participants who consume half a liter of water before each meal tend to decline 44% in weight than people who did not.7

Know more about water fasting and how is it works.

Final Verdict from Fitness Scenz – Weight Loss Diet

Losing weight is hard but not impossible. These are the topmost reason why your weight loss diet isn’t showing up the result.

Trying to accomplish and figuring out why where you are stuck with losing weight.

A good lifestyle requires patience, dedication, hard work.

Additional, point to remember for losing weight:

  1. Mindful Eating
  2. Track food consumption
  3. Cardio & Strenght Workout.

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