Yoga poses for core strength are now a popular and well-known topic. At the same time, yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years.

The best part about yoga is that you can do it anytime and anywhere, all you need is a little time and space, and yoga can increase your flexibility and strength to the next level.

Yoga doesn’t require you to be an athlete or fitness enthusiast, anyone can benefit from it.

Some of the beneficial aspects of yoga:

  1. Improved strength, balance, flexibility
  2. Better posture
  3. Better focus
  4. Build endurance
  5. Reduce joint pain
  6. Manage Stress
  7. Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  8. Improve mood

These are some facts to encourage you to try yoga.

Yoga does not require working with weights or gym memberships.

It is a fact that yoga poses can be used to deliberately build strength, but it all depends on which yoga poses you are working on.

Indeed yoga is the best practice for gaining strength and mobility. But doing only basic yoga poses is not the most effective way to build up strength. It is important to ensure that you are engaging with more challenging poses in order to attain better strength, coordination, balance, and mobility.

Let’s get started,

Which yoga poses for core strength, and how can yoga help with it?

For better core strength, power yoga, and hatha yoga are branches of yoga that develop the strength of the muscles.

Power yoga is also known as vinyasa yoga; vinyasa yoga is fast-paced yoga that typically builds strength and endurance.

Hatha yoga: This yoga is known for stretching the body’s capacity with the help of body posture, movement, and breathing techniques.

To build greater strength and consistency, holding the position for a longer duration is the key to better strength building.

In one study in 2012, women who have been doing an ashtanga yoga session for 60 minutes for about eight-month, have found that their leg press strength has improved.

Another study in India shows that 71 participants who’ve been doing hatha yoga for just 1 hour for about 12 weeks have increased handgrip strength and increased strength in the legs.

Yoga Poses for Core Strength

1. Plank – Phalakasana

Yoga Poses for Core Strength

The plank yoga pose is a great way to build strength and stability in your core muscles. It helps improve posture, balance, and flexibility. Phalakasana is also beneficial for strengthening the arms, shoulders, legs, and glutes.

Benefits of plank pose

  1. Improve body posture
  2. Reduce backache
  3. Strengthen core
  4. Reduce belly fat
  5. Boost metabolism

How to do it?

  1. Lie down on your hand and knees. (Make sure the wrist aligns with the shoulder).
  2. Hold tight your butt, core, and quads the whole time.
  3. Now, your body is in a linear position from head to heels.
  4. Look toward the floor to keep your neck aligned with your spine.
  5. Hold for 10-15 seconds. 

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2. Side Plank – Vasisthasana

Side Plank - Yoga Poses for Core Strength

Side plank yoga poses for core strength engage the entire body, from the core to the arms, legs, and shoulders. This pose strengthens the muscles of your back and abdomen, as well as improves balance and posture.

The benefit of the side plank pose

  1. Improve coordination
  2. Improve balance
  3. Strengthen core
  4. Strengthen arms, wrists, and legs area

How to do it?

  1. Lean over your body to the left side and shift your weight onto your left arm.
  2. Now, lift your right foot and embrace both of your legs together.
  3. You balanced your body with the support of your left arm and left leg.
  4. Engage with your core for balance in this pose.
  5. You can put your other hand on your waist, or, if you feel balanced, you can lift your hand in the air.
  6. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and breathe as deeply as you can.

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3. Chair Pose – Utkatasana

The chair yoga pose is a great way to improve strength and stability. It helps to build strength in the legs, core, and arms while also stretching the muscles of the back and chest. Utkatasana can help to improve balance, posture, and flexibility while strengthening the body from head to toe.

Benefits of chair pose

  1. Strengthen your thigh
  2. Stabilize bone
  3. Increased flexibility and power to the arms and shoulder
  4. Improved breathing capacity

How to do it?

  1. Stand straight with your feet placed next to each other.
  2. Place your hands in the air with your palms facing each other.
  3. Now, take a seat, assuming you are sitting on a chair in the same position. (If you can go deeper, that will be more beneficial).
  4. Hold your abdominals tight.
  5. Wait in that position for 10 seconds.

​4. Four-Limbed Staff Pose – Chaturanga Dandasana

The four-limber staff yoga pose is an effective way to build strength and improve flexibility. It requires balancing on one arm while the other is stretched out in front of you. This pose strengthens the core, arms, and legs, while also increasing balance and stability.

The benefit of four-limber staff pose

  1. Strengthen your core
  2. Strengthen quads area
  3. Build flexibility & strength in your wrist
  4. Strengthen the biceps, triceps, and forearm area

How to do it?

  1. Come into a plank position, not on your elbows but on your palms.
  2. Now, your body weight is on your palms and toes.
  3. Engage your thighs and abdominal area.
  4. Stay in this position for as long as you can.

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5. Warrior 1 – Virabhadrasana I

The warrior pose consists of three poses, the first of which builds strength in the shoulders, legs, and spine simultaneously. Practicing this yoga pose will give your core more strength and increase flexibility in the hips, legs, shoulders, and feet.

The benefit of warrior one pose

  1. Strengthen shoulder, legs, arms, neck, back, and ankles
  2. Promotes better respiration 
  3. Improves stability, posture, and focus

How to do it?

  1. Stand straight, keeping your left leg forward and ensuring that your toes are facing forward
  2. Let your left knee be bent into a lunge position.
  3. Turn your right leg behind you at a 45-degree angle.
  4. Put your hands over your head and keep your shoulders down.
  5. Raise your chin to your hand.
  6. Hold this position for ten long exhalations.

6. Boat pose – Naukasana

Untitled design 1

Boat pose also known as naukasana is a great yoga strengthening pose. Naukasana originates from Sanskrit vocabulary. This pose is ideal for losing excess fat and strengthening the abdominal, spine, hip flexor, and back muscles.

The benefit of warrior one pose

  1. Strengthen the spine, abdominal, and back muscles.
  2. Toned stomach area
  3. Relieve back pain
  4. Stretch hamstrings
  5. Enhance balance 
  6. Lose belly fat

How to do it?

  1. Begin by sitting on the floor with your knees bent and hands by your sides.
  2. Lift your knee to 45 degrees and make sure to keep your spine straight, not rounded.
  3. Lift your hand parallel to the ground.
  4. Straighten your legs and, if you can, make a V shape between your thighs and torso.
  5. Maintain this posture for ten deep breaths.

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These are the best yoga poses for core strength. Doing yoga regularly for an hour can provide countless benefits and help to develop peace and harmony within an individual for the betterment of life.

Although people are also doing yoga for strength training, these are some of the advanced yoga poses for building strength, flexibility, posture, and more.


How to Strengthen Wrist for Yoga

Wrist strength and flexibility are important to avoid injury and to support proper alignment in poses.
Here are some exercises that help you strengthen your wrist.
1. Wrist Stretches
2. Wrist Circle
3. Push-Ups
4. Handstands
5. Forearm Plank
Try these exercises to gain wrist strength.

Is Yoga Good for Strength?

Yes, yoga is a great way to build strength. Through the practice of yoga, you work on strengthening your muscles, improving your posture, and increasing your flexibility. The controlled movements and poses help to build strength in the muscles, especially in the core, legs, arms, and back.

How to Build Upper Body Strength for Yoga?

Building upper body strength is an important aspect of practicing yoga, as it allows you to perform poses with stability and control.
Here are some yoga poses that help you to attain upper body strength.
1. Cobra pose
2. Arm Balance
3. Chaturanga Dandasana
4. Plank Hold
This yoga poses help you to build upper body strength.

Yoga helps us to control our mind, body, and soul. It is to overcome physical and mental stress and help attain a peaceful mind and body in no matter of time.

Well, we all know the positive aspect of yoga-like

  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve mood
  • Stress reliever
  • Aid weight loss
  • Improved energy level
  • Maintain a healthier metabolism
  • And a ton of benefits of yoga

Luckily, thanks to the providers who’s been introducing us to the best free yoga apps for weight loss we can use.

Apps like these make life even more accessible and soothing, with the help of yoga apps you can reap all the benefits – by doing it in your living room, garden, or anywhere you need to download these easy-to-use applications on your smartphone and the best part is you don’t have to rely on internet connections or WiFi!

In this article, I have come up with some of the best free yoga apps in 2023 for weight loss I use for over a year and deliberately suggest them to my readers.

Let’s get started,

Best free yoga apps for weight loss

Why Yoga is Important and What Are the Major Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga helps a person have a healthy state of mind and a healthy body.

Likewise, aerobic exercise and strength training has a positive aspect on the physical body only. But, yoga helps encourage a balanced growth between physical, mental, and spiritual states.

Doing yoga might seem like stretching your muscles, but it does more for our health and body.

Significant benefits of yoga apps

  • Help in weight loss
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improves immunity
  • Improves muscles strength
  • Boost metabolism
  • Improves flexibility, stability, and balance
  • Promote self-healing
  • Relieve back pain
  • Improve heart health
  • Help you sleep better

Best Free Yoga Apps for Weight Loss And Maximize General Health 2023

Daily Yoga

Best free yoga apps for weight loss
Best free yoga app for weight loss
Best free yoga app for weight loss

A variety of yoga sessions are available for once who love doing yoga.

This app has tons of types of variables that can suit everyone. Daily yoga has auto-generated random sessions as per your level, so you don’t get bored and upgrade to yoga skills.

Benefits of daily yoga app

  1. Maximize your health
  2. Aid weight loss
  3. 500+ asanas, 70+ yoga programs, Pilates, meditation session, and more
  4. Track your activity
  5. Customizable ( own routine, difficulty, duration, level, goal, and more)
  6. Easy interface, easy to navigate
  7. Mesmerizing music
  8. The instructor’s voice is clear, soothing, neutral

Use this app once, and you will love it.

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 4.6
  • iOS: 4.8

FitStar Yoga

Best free yoga apps for weight loss

Do you need a Yoga personal trainer at home?

Do you want to relieve your stress and obtain strength?

Then consider Fitstar Yoga App as the best application for you for this reason.

Some features of Yoga Fister that you are going to like this app.

  1. Personalize Yoga sessions
  2. International yoga experts
  3. IOS application
  4. It supports Apple Tv, iPhone, and iPad also.
  5. You can also Sync on Fitbit, Jawbone, and My fitness pal to track your fitness activity.

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 4.5
  • iOS: 3.5

Eka – Yoga, meditation, Anxiety, sleep – Free Yoga Apps for Beginners

Best free yoga apps for weight loss
Best free yoga app for weight loss
Best free yoga apps for weight loss

We mostly got exhausted in this busy life and schedule and did not have time to give ourselves.

And the result after aging becomes Inferior.

Spend some time with yourself and make yoga a part of your life, and the Eka application will help you relax your body and give calmness to your mind and body.

Why should we be using this app?

  1. Reduce stress and depression
  2. Yoga Asanas
  3. Sleep meditation
  4. Meditation for Anxiety
  5. Meditation with Music
  6. Morning Meditation

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 4.1
  • iOS: 4.6

Down Dog – Best Free Yoga Apps 2023

Best free yoga apps for weight loss

Down dog works as a vinyasa sequence means you would not get the same poses over and over again.


  1. Easy interface
  2. Relieve back pain
  3. Different-2 classes
  4. Easy for beginners
  5. Soothing music plays while sessions
  6. Multiple language options
  7. Customize – difficulty, level, and more
  8. Length 4-90 minutes of practice
  9. Auto-generated vinyasa sequence

The music and voice of the instructor keep you engaged with yoga sessions. Also, down dogs help you customize sessions according to your comfort and goal.

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 4.9
  • iOS: 4.9

Track Yoga – Best Free Yoga Apps for Weight Loss

If you want to learn yoga from the beginning, you must be doing this correctly. The yoga track sets your daily and weekly goals and tracks your progress.

You will find this app very interesting. It has proper classes of yoga given by yoga experts from beginner to expert level.

Some of them are like:-

  1. Stress relief Yoga
  2. Morning Yoga
  3. Bedtime Yoga
  4. Period Pain Relief Yoga
  5. Pre and Post workout Yoga and more

It also has various programs and poses (Asanas), which are very helpful for your body.

And you can also take the monthly Subscription only for 250/month and a yearly subscription for only 2,200/year.

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 4.8
  • iOS: 4.3

Pocket Yoga

Best free yoga apps for weight loss

Are you struggling with asanas? How to do it? 

Pocket yoga got you covered; they have hundreds of posture videos, so you can repeatedly watch the excellent illustration video and be the best practitioner. 

The second-best kind of this app is no network connectivity is needed.

Best Features 

  1. Attractive interface
  2. Tons of levels of difficulty, duration, and level of practice
  3. User friendly

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 4.4
  • iOS: 4.8

Yoga for beginners

Best free yoga apps for weight loss
Best free yoga apps for weight loss

This app is seriously mind-freaking, yet the most highly used and highly rated app for beginners. This app provides free classes with voice-guided workouts.

The best of this app, this app is with you all the time as it can sync with the apple watch and it is easy for you to keep an eye on your health.

The benefit of the yoga app for beginners app

  1. Help you keep track of your health
  2. Sync option for apple watch
  3. Good interface

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 4.6
  • iOS: 4.8 

Bulldog Online

free yoga apps

Bulldog online offers a wide variety of yoga through unlimited video streaming. It also offers slow-flow yoga classes to exhilarate yoga classes which enables better core strengthening.

A full range of yoga classes is suitable for beginners to advanced levels of yoga training.

Key Feature of Bulldog Online

  1. You can download videos and play offline
  2. You can stream videos from a mobile, tablet, computer, and smart TV.
  3. Unlimited slow-flow yoga to High-intensity yoga workouts.
  4. Effective 10 minutes to 30 minutes yoga session for everyone.

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 3.5
  • iOS: 5 

DoYou – Yoga & Mindful Fitness

Best free yoga apps

With more than 10000 plus downloads and a rating of more than 4.5. DoYou offers 150 guided programs, 1000 amazing video classes, the world’s best teachers, and a lot more.

DoYou is the world’s largest community with over 500,000 members.

Key features of DoYou

  1. Amazing video sessions and hundreds of guided programs.
  2. Practice at your own level.
  3. Progress tracking option

DoYou yoga & fitness app provides you with the best yoga sessions, pilates, meditation, fitness, and HIIT sessions.

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 4.5
  • iOS: 4.8 

Daily Burn

Best free yoga apps for weight loss
Best free yoga apps for weight loss

Daily burn is another best free yoga apps for weight loss, as it delivers gym and home quality workouts for yoga, strength training, HIIT, and cardio.

Also, daily burn allows you to access apps on your mobile, desktop, smart television, and laptop.

You also play any type of session that you love doing and not just yoga.

The daily burn app has a beautiful user interface that you love using the application and doing workouts.

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 2.5
  • iOS: 4.8

Glo Yoga, Pilates, Meditation

Best free yoga apps

Glo is the top-rated application designed for yoga, meditation, pilates, and fitness. This free yoga app for people who want to lose weight by doing yoga and want to learn from the guided program Glo is the go-to application for you.

Key features of Glo

  1. Amazing and interesting yoga sessions.
  2. Livestream classes
  3. Apples of beautiful kinds of music
  4. World-class teachers
  5. Create your own collection
  6. Download videos and play them offline

Rating on Android & iOS

  • Android: 3.7
  • iOS: 4.9

Summary – Best Free Yoga Apps for Weight Loss

We always want to give you the best and most valuable content. You always find doing yoga and meditation very refreshing and helps calm your body and mind.

In this crucial time of Coronavirus, people are spending much more time at home, and we have no routine to do anything on time. Due to this, we all are suffering from back pain, body aches, work stress, depression, etc.

It is always suggested to you engage with regular yoga1 activities as it helps maintain mental and physical health.

Thank You

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