Compound Exercises


An exercise that uses multiple joints and multiple muscles group simultaneously is known as a compound exercise. For example, When you do a deadlift, you use your lats, glutes, hamstrings, and forearms simultaneously, those exercises that use your multiple muscles and build them at a time are compound exercises. Hence, Compound exercises boost the heart rate, which results in burning more calories, enhancing muscle growth, and shaping our body to the next level. Benefits of the compound exercises:- Help in weight loss Good for muscle growth Enhance flexibility It improves strength Raise the heart rate Here are basic but result-oriented compound exercises which help strengthen muscles, build size and improve strength. Let’s get started, What is the Difference between Isolation and Compound Exercises Compound exercises are compound movements, and isolation exercises are single-joint movements. Compound exercises work on multiple muscle groups at a time, while isolation exercises only work on…

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