5 minute plank workout


Well, it is never too late to work for your dream physique. Although, the area abdomen or midsection will take much time, effort, and dedication. Exercises for building a hot shredded core are many, but plank and its variations are one of the safest exercises you can do for building the core. For people who are kept busy, or who have a desk job, a plank is the finest exercise for building and strengthening core muscles. Doing plank exercises is challenging and fun besides this plank has many benefits like helping burn belly fat, improving posture, improving flexibility, fixing your posture, or strengthening your core. Planks works for various groups of muscles: Upper body – Chest muscle, deltoid, biceps, triceps Lower body – Quad, buttocks Core Muscles – Transverse abdominal muscles, rectus abdominals, obliques Advantages of strong core Improved mobility & coordination Improved posture Helps you run faster Strengthen lower…

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