Push and pull workout is the most effective ways to works on every muscle in a balanced way.

Push-pull a method of resistance training where athlete split their workout routine into different muscles group.

Athlete or intermediate level gym-goers, find this method of workouts is most effective than a traditional way, as this method helps their muscles to recover and build muscle mass also they can work on every muscle more often without overtraining.

What is Push & Pull workout?

A split push and pull workout style, means you train your body performing pushing movement on one day and pulling on another day.

This method generally performed by many bodybuilders, athletes like footballer, basketballers, and wresters but nowadays this push and pull methods is very admired by the regular gym-goers for better building of muscles mass and strength.

Push Method

A training pattern where the contraction of muscles when weight is being pushed by the body. Meaning that the movement is done when the muscles contract as in push order.

Muscles which are included in push workout

  1. Chest
  2. Triceps
  3. Shoulder
  4. Quads
  5. Outer thigh

Exercises which are included in push workout

  1. Pushup
  2. Chest press
  3. Overhead press
  4. Chest flies
  5. Dips
  6. Skull Crusher
  7. Triceps extension
  8. Skull Crusher
  9. Squats
  10. Shoulder press

Pull method

A pull training is directly opposite to a push method. A training pattern where the contraction of muscles when weight is being pulled by the body. Meaning that the movement is done when the muscles contract as in pull order.

Muscles which are included in pull workout

  1. Back muscles
  2. Hamstring
  3. Biceps
  4. Obliques
  5. Glutes

Exercises which are included in push workout

  1. Preacher curls
  2. Concentration curls
  3. Barbell curls
  4. Incline curls
  5. Hammer curls
  6. Back extension
  7. Lat pulls
  8. Seated rowing
  9. Dumbbell pullover

This method of exercising allows you to train every single muscle twice a week if you are a regular gym-goer.

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Benefits of Splitting Workouts – Push-Pull Workout

Splitting the training pattern can be beneficial for us, as there are few but worth benefits of it:

1. Training become easier

Although, the traditional way of doing a workout might feel easier to understand. But once you understand the pattern of push and pull training, its become the super easiest way to working outs.

By dividing the muscles group according to the two categories “push and pull” it become uncomplicated to recognize, which muscles you should be build-up, also easy to remember which muscles group you overtrain and which muscles is untrained on that particular week.

2. Enhance Recovery

When training every muscle per day, meaning following the traditional way where you train a single part of muscles in a day and the next day you hit a workout but with the same muscle group.

For instance, train chest on day one and triceps on the second day is an example of overtraining because you have been training the same muscle group in a row.

The push and pull method allows a time of nearly 72 hours for every muscle for recovering.

How to implement Push and Pull?

A lady sitting on ball

If you are a beginners or an intermediate level person, implementation of this training routine in your daily life would be a preferable choice you make:

Beginner’s plan

  • Day 1: Push
  • Day 2: Rest
  • Day 3: Pull
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Push
  • Day 6: Legs
  • Day 7: Rest

Intermediate’s plan

  • Day 1: Push
  • Day 2: Pull
  • Day 3: Legs
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Push
  • Day 6: Pull
  • Day 7: Legs

Going with push and pull workouts helps your muscles to be recovered, prevent less injury, and helps to increase your muscles mass.

Which is better – Push & pull or traditional

Push and pull and the traditional way both are the method of exercising.

It’s not meant that you have to hop on a push/pull training regime to reach your athleticism goal instantly.

Fact’s to consider

  1. In push/pull: You train one-day push second-day pull and third-day legs and follow the sequence
  2. In the traditional way: you train only one part for instance day 1 Chest 2. Biceps 3. Shoulder and forth

1. Muscles training frequency

  1. In push/pull: you train each muscle in a week
  2. In the traditional way: in this, you train your muscles just one time in a week by that the frequency of muscle training will be limited than push/pull

2. Workout duration – Push Pull Workout

  1. In push/pull: you have three muscles to be trained (for instance – Push day = Chest(5)+ Shoulder(5) + Triceps(5) = 15 exercises)
  2. In the traditional way: you just have one muscle to train, (for instance Chest = 8 exercises) here the duration of the workout is less compared to the push/pull way

3. Muscle Recovery

  1. In push/pull: this method allows time nearly 72 hours for muscles to be recovered.
  2. In the traditional way: in this method, the muscle can not be recovered if you train the same muscles group in a row.

Push and Pull workout design for beginners

Below is the workout design for beginners for a week.
Perform these exercises as per your comfort and perform three sets and eight reps of every exercise

Day 1 – Push (Monday)


  • Flat bench press
  • Incline bench press
  • Decline bench press
  • Overhead 


  1. Triceps dips
  2. Cable rope triceps pushdown
  3. Lying triceps 
  4. Bench dips

Day 3 – Pull (Wednesday)


  1. Pullups
  2. Trap-bar deadlift
  3. Lat pulldown 
  4. One arm dumbbell rowing


  1. Barbell curl
  2. Cable rope biceps curl
  3. Preacher curl
  4. Hammer curl

Day 5 – Shoulder & legs (Friday)


  1. Dumbbell overhead press
  2. Alternate overhead press 
  3. Reverse fly
  4. Shrugs


  1. Simple squats
  2. Barbell squats
  3. Thigh machine press
  4. Leg extension
  5. Weighted calf raise

Things to be considered


Nutrition is also an essential part of preventing injuries, inflammations, and sickness.

You are following these workouts to gain more strength, recovery, and muscle building.

Eat nutrient-dense food like fruits and vegetables, chicken, nuts, legumes, and low-fat dairy products; these foods helping you in recovery and better muscle building.


While nutrition help in better muscle building and prevent injuries, sleep also help you advanced the recovery process.

Those into the push and pulls regime should have taken sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day.


The push and pull training method is the most effective way to trains muscles twice a week and also this regime enhances muscle recovery, muscle building along strength.

Push workouts mainly consist of chest, triceps, and shoulder whereas pulling workout train biceps, back, and hamstrings.

Try adding this workout regime and give yourself a better shape, a better muscular and mainly give you a better look. Having great fitness leads you to happiness, a better mood, and lots of health benefits.

Thank You


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