I know it’s hard to stare away from the plate of Allu Paratha, Gol Gappe, Chole bhature, and so on. On the same side, we even can’t handle our craving for those processed foods. And in the end, we ended up eating those (junk) stuff and get conscious about our weight.

Getting in shape is everyone’s dream. Fitness is often people’s priority.

Weight loss is not that difficult. It just needed discipline, patience, and little effort. The proper diet and physical activity make weight loss super easy.

In this article, I will be sharing weight loss-friendly foods which can readily available to you.

Healthy Fats

Why I choose Healthy Fat first!

Adding healthy fat to your diet helps you feel happier and satisfied and not quite the weight loss process.

13 Healthy Food Approaches for weight loss

1. Peanut butter

Girls recommend peanut butter

A healthy fat and protein source can fill your appetite for longer and keep you away with unwanted curb cravings.

Peanut butter comes in many types; it carry protein and fiber content; fiber in foods helps your digestive system and keeps a hold on your appetite for maximum duration.

A 28 gram of Peanut butter holds up to 6 grams of protein and 3.5 grams of fiber. While picking up the peanut butter, be sure if it has unwanted salt, sugar, and preservatives.

Do not consume more peanut butter as you are on weight loss; consuming more peanut butter results in high-calorie intake.

2. Walnuts

Squirrel eat walnuts

Walnuts are highly rich in monounsaturated fats. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other substances, which is exceptionally heart-healthy. Eating walnuts every day also leads you to weight loss.

Eating walnuts in the meantime as snacks help you to limit unwanted cravings.

3. Almonds

A bowl of full of almonds

Almonds contain healthy fat, maintaining the overall body mass index(BMI), which reduces weight from the belly. Eating almonds every day help you to good weight loss.

Where ever you go, take almonds with you, and when your appetite calls, grab a bite of them. Make sure do not to pile almonds skin; eating them raw will be more advantageous.

4. Salmon

Man having dinner of salmon and juice

Packed with high-quality protein, enriched with healthy fat, and lots of essential nutrients, salmon fish make them a popular healthy food for weight loss.

Salmon is incredibly healthy, luscious, and also fulfilling. It holds fewer calories and keeps your appetite fuller for long.

Salon fish holds a considerable amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which has benefits like improve heart health, improve eyesight, good for skin, and even lots more.

Salmon has rich properties like healthy fats and a good amount of protein, which can result in muscle building and weight loss.

5. Eggs – Healthy Food for Weight Loss

A omelet

Most people have liked eggs whether you are into fitness or a regular person, but you are a vegan. However, boiled eggs are highly nutritious and filling.

Eating eggs can be a great approach you can do for your health and weight loss.

Try eating boiled eggs than a fried ones.

For achieving weight loss and increasing muscle mass, eat boiled eggs and omelets but try to avoid the yellow part.

6. Chicken Breast

A plate of chicken breast

Chicken breast is considered a lean protein. The breast and thigh of a chicken are the most optimal approach for muscle building and losing weight.

Eating chicken helps you feel fuller for a long time, and it may keep you away from the curb craving.

The breast and thigh are mainly loaded with protein and have a good amount of calcium and phosphorous.

One hundred grams of chicken breast loaded with 31 gram of protein which reaches a scoop of protein supplement.

7. Whitefish

Man fishing

Whitefish is a readily available source of lean protein available on the market.

Adding fish to your diet can reduce overall calorie intake in a day, which eventually reduces fat and builds muscles.

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for numerous advantages.

Fishes like Tuna, Lake Trout, or Cod are very helpful for a healthy Weight loss Journey.

8. Chiila

Chilla is a wholesome food that is extremely easy to make also very delightful. 2 chillas can fill your appetite and help you feel light and energetic.

Chillas are full-time healthy snacks that can eat anytime.

Eating chilla with curd is a very delighted, low calorie, and high protein-rich diet perfect for breakfast and bites.

9. Green Gram Split

A bowl of green spliit

Green gram split is one of the most significant plant-based sources of protein.

Dal, like green gram, is very light and exceptionally high on protein.

They also are a rich source of fiber.

Green gram is low-priced food available in the market. One hundred grams of green split contain 24 gram of protein that needs noticing.

10. Oats – Easily Available Healthy Food for Weight Loss

A girl eating oatsmeal

Oats are super nutritious yet well-liked food for people who want to lose weight.

Eating oats raise the feeling of fullness for a long time; the fiber content in oats maintains a healthy digestive system.

Oatmeal can lower blood sugar levels, reduce the chances of heart disease, and protect you from some cancer.

Always go with the plain oats and not with the packed and flavored oats. A bowl of flavored oats has up to 70 more calories than a bowl of plain

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11. Cottage Cheese

A bowl of cottage cheese

Dairy products always best for health and have been an aid in the fat-burning process. It is always very gratifying to eating enough cottage cheese.

Munching cottage cheese is excellent for hunger management which also comes with high quality of protein. Eating this lets your appetite complete and relatively can the low estimate of calories. These are the dairy products that are high in calcium; calcium intake can help increase bone density, increase muscle.

Cottage cheese helps you lose weight and can build muscle, and cottage cheese is out of the most valuable foods you can have.

12. Broken Wheat- Best Healthy Food for Weight Loss

Dalia is an outstanding source of protein. All the essential sources for weight loss are broken wheat, such as protein, fiber, and vitamin B.

Eating Dalia helps you to lose weight effectively and efficiently.

Having broken wheat with milk is much more beneficial than others. The making of cracked wheat is straightforward. It’s like a one-hand job.

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There are many more foods for weight loss to share, but I pick which I feel suggesting and which were readily available on the market. Weight loss is nothing, but it’s a mental strength where you have to eat fewer calories than you burn in a day. It is that simple.

Focus on a calorie deficit diet which I mention above, and go with some hardcore strength training sessions. Without exercise, it’s been unachievable a better physique.

Once you achieve your desire weight, then you can eat what you crave but in a lesser manner.

Thank You


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