People love doing burpees, but most don’t. I have seen people doing it with pressure, trying to find its alternative, or doing it in an idle state.

There are no-brainer burpees yet the most effective and most challenging activity than other fat-burning exercises.

Doing burpees with proper form is the master key for fat loss. There is no doubt that burpees are effective high-intensity plus total body exercise that regulates blood and cuts down multiple calories.

Performing several burpees in one go is the most powerful way to train your multiple muscles like

  1. Shoulder
  2. Chest
  3. Triceps
  4. Butt
  5. Inner thigh
  6. Quads

Burpees help build muscles, strength, endurance, and spike your heart rate to the top to burn lot more calories.

Advantages of Burpees

Build you Stronger

Make you stronger - Advantages of burpees

Burpees are the total body workout (Shoulder, Chest, Triceps, Butt, Inner thigh, Quads). Only one exercise works on various muscles and builds them, which makes you stronger.

Promote Cardiovascular Health

Healthy heart - Advantages of burpees

High-intensity training like burpees is good for the heart and lungs because just a few repetitions of deadly burpee take your heart rate to another level. Burpees are the super quickest and easiest way to keep the heart and lungs working well for a short period and promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

Burns Calories is Machine – Advantages of Burpees

Burns calories - Advantages of burpees

Burpee works for six or more muscles simultaneously and burns calories like no other workout in no time. High-intensity training requires more muscle to complete a movement, and because of that, it naturally burns tons of calories which eventually leads to significant weight loss.

No Equipment Needed

No equipment needed - Advantages of burpees

A high-intensity workout like a burpee doesn’t require equipment unless you go for an advanced level. However, a basic burpee is yet a super challenging exercise without a single piece of equipment. Burpees can do on the terrace, park, gym, and so on.

How to do Burpees Exercise?

  • Start with standing on your feet about shoulder-width apart, and make sure you stand on your feet and your arms down on sides.
  • Bend yourself down and put your hands on the floor; now your hands are parallel to your legs.
  • Your hands on the floor, make a movement with your legs, and kick behind them, so you’re in a plank position.
  • Now, your body weight is in your palm and toe.
  • Perform a single push-up.
  • Now, after finish one push-up, jump back on your foot like you are performing squats.
  • After that, perform a quick jump and reach your arms over your head like in the air.
  • After performing a jump, land back where you started.
  • Now, do these multiple movements about 12 times and perform four sets.

Burpee is a single movement exercise, but you can split it into parts.

Advantages of burpees

Variations of burpees

Variations of burpee are quite interring, engaging, and as well as sweat-drenching. There are ample alternatives to do.

Pushup burpee

This burpee type is starts and ends as a regular burpee, but the middle of the exercise is a bit different; when you be in a plank position, you hit a pushup and return to the standard burpee.

Side burpee

You follow the regular burpee; when going down to the floor for plank position, that’s when you shoot your both legs diagonally to the right, then fall your both leg inside of your body like a low squat position, then jump straight and lift your hand over your head.

Box Jump burpee

Just like basis burpee, follow all the steps likewise. But instead of jumping in the air, make sure to hop on the box in front of you. And then step down from the box to the starting position.

Mountain climber + Tuck jump burpee

Perform a regular burpee, but change your movement when you put your palm on the floor and go for a plank. That is when you have to perform a quick mountain climber (bring one knee close to your chest while another one is extended and repeat it four times). After doing mountain climber, perform a quick jump and lift your hands in the air. And come back to the starting position.

Superman burpee

Follow all the steps you do in a basic burpee, but instead of doing a part of plank and push up, you have to lay down on your chest and shoot your hands straight in front of your shoulders.

These are the variation you can go with; try one of these variations for the maximum burn of creep fat and building muscles and their strength.

Suppose you do not want to do a burpee and its alternative. In that case, there are tons of high-intensity exercises which also assist you in burning calories like a mountain climber, jumping jacks, planks, and other variations.

Safety and Precaution – Advantages of burpees

Doing burpees with proper form is the central part of it. With the proper form, you tend to reap more benefits of burpees. Try to perform it safely and avoid unnecessary injuries.

  • At first, start slowly doing burpees for a few repetitions and skip the jump part if needed; make sure to learn the accuracy and not count the repetitions. The more you accurate with this movement, the less chance of getting injured.
  • Hold your core and hip section every time while doing these exercises, especially during the plank and pushup part.
  • Try to do only 8-10 repetitions or less in one go and then rest for 30 seconds and go for another.

Common Mistake to avoid while doing the burpee 

  1. Warm-up/ stretching
  2. Not to go with advanced variation directly
  3. Not learning the proper form
  4. Land on heels
  5. Poor arm landing
  6. Performing with low intensity or performing with advanced intensity

Summary – Advantages of Burpees

Burpee is a high-intensity activity that comes with various health benefits. The most fantastic part of burpees is, it is accessible and can be done anywhere like home, terrace, park, the gym also this doesn’t require any gym membership.

It is imperative to learn the basic burpees before going for an advanced burpee activity.

A super strength validator, burpees are known for building strength, improved stamina, and cardiovascular fitness.

You will eventually be realizing the advantages of burpees after you get habitual.

It is crucial to check your medical condition before attempting.

Thank You

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